Wines from Lake Garda and surroundings

The word “enogastronomia” (food and wine) is the best expression a great Italian ensemble: that between the many gastronomic products of a territory and its wines, which enhance its flavors and always represent with great sincerity the pedoclimatic characteristics of the place from which they originate.
A path of knowledge of the territory cannot therefore deprive itself of the tasting of its wines.
Lake Garda, thanks to the glacial origin that distinguish it, with the dolomite rocks of the upper lake, the morainic hills and the clays of the lower lake, has a great variety of “terroirs”, vines and traditions that ensure a journey into taste as pleasant and interesting as ever.
It should be emphasized, then, that in recent years several producers have recovered ancient native vines, coming to offer today a variety of quality wines, strongly characterized, which can rightly be considered authentic ambassadors of the territory.

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