Alto Garda and Valtenesi

Located along the western shore of Lake Garda, the Valtenesi, facing the sunrise, is characterized by cool nights, light breezes and sunny mornings. A sweet climate that gives the wines fineness and elegance.
The vines grow on a hilly area of morainic origin on the Brescia side of Lake Garda. The hills are gentle, occasionally interrupted by small flat areas. It is an area whose climate is mitigated by its proximity to the lake. A small Mediterranean between the Alps that manages to soften an otherwise prickly climate.

Groppello, an indigenous grape variety that owes its name to the compact shape of its bunch, similar to a “groppo” (a knot), is the most representative of this area.
It is used together with Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera in the vinification of Riviera del Garda Classico Chiaretto and Riviera del Garda Classico Rosso.
Chiaretto is obtained from a brief contact of the must with the skins, which allows the extraction of the colouring substances. It is a unique wine with very pleasant characteristics that make it a decidedly exclusive product. It has a soft to deep pink colour, sometimes with ruby or slightly orange reflections, an intense bouquet, with floral and fruity scents, and is fresh and sapid in the mouth with a pleasant acidity.

The Red, ruby red in color, sometimes garnet with aging, has a fruity aroma, sometimes spicy, with a dry, savory taste, sometimes with an almond aftertaste.
Groppello is used in a minimum percentage of 85% to produce Riviera del Garda Classico Groppello and it is increasingly vinified on its own.
Worthy of note is the Benaco Bresciano Riesling with its straw-yellow colour, pleasant aroma and harmonious, fruity taste.

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