The Lake and the Riviera

The “Riviera dei limoni” is the stretch of coast that goes from Limone to Salò. The mild climate that characterizes it makes it possible to grow lemon and olive trees, typical of Mediterranean environments.

Magical scenery follows one another to enchant the eye: rocks overlooking the lake that open onto bays with colourful villages and small marinas. You will discover the charm of the elegant Gardone, the picturesque Gargnano and Campione, protected by the rocks that overlook it. And these are just a few examples….

You will easily recognize the ancient “Limonaie”, high pillars that point to the sky, with walls that protect trees from the wind and allow the cultivation of lemon fruits: they are the witnesses of an ancient tradition made possible by the milder winters compared to those typical of the Northern regions.

Come and discover the wonderful landscape of the “Riviera dei limoni”: the clear waters and unspoiled nature will transmit their inexhaustible energy to you.


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