The village of Campione,

a sailing paradise

Campione is a small town on a tiny strip of land dominated by the cliffs of the west coast of Alto Garda, a paradise for lovers of sailing and surfing, thanks to the strong and regular winds that blow in this area. 

Campione del Garda began its history as a village with a strong industrial and commercial vocation. Starting from 1500, it became home to paper mills, mills and forges. At the end of the eighteenth century an increasingly strong crisis began and over eighty years passed, before a new entrepreneurial adventure by Giacomo Feltrinelli, relaunched its industrial fortunes through an important cotton mill. The industrial village thus became a lively workers’ village inhabited by the families of the employees of the new plant, becoming a unique model of a workers’ village on a human scale.

Unfortunately, over the years the fate of this small production village decayed until the closure of the plant, which took place in 1981. Campione then converted to tourism becoming one of the favorite destinations of water sports lovers. The climate is mild and the winds blow constantly all year round, allowing boats, kite surfing and windsurfing to sail in all seasons. In addition, if you love diving, in this area you can reach one of the deepest points of Garda (over 360 meters) and between the vertical walls you can see the famous Pinnacle, natural underwater sculpture known to all diving lovers. The center is much loved by those who practice sports on the lake, but it is also an excellent starting point for several excursions in the surrounding nature. Alternatively, you can think of a relaxing stop on the beaches, few but well frequented by those who love kiting and windsurfing. The free beach, in particular, is pleasant with its pebbles and lawn areas, with convenient parking nearby

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