The cheeses of the Park

The Alto Garda park and the Val Sabbia, rich in meadows and pastures suitable for both cows (especially the Bruna breed) and goats, offer many opportunities to get to know and try unique and exquisite dairy products.
The best known of these products is Formaggella di Tremosine, made from cow’s milk, soft and fragrant, with a delicate and vaguely herbaceous taste reminiscent of the mountain meadows where it is produced.
In the Valvestino area, we find one of the most characteristic cheeses of the Alto Garda area: Tombea, a semi-fat, hard, deep yellow cow’s milk cheese, which is produced from May to September in the shepherd’s huts of Valvestino, particularly on the Rest plateau. Declared a Slowfood Presidium, it has a savoury, spicy and slightly piquant taste.
Around Lake Idro, in the municipalities of Pertica Alta and Pertica Bassa, it is possible to find top-quality goat’s and alpine cheeses. Goat’s cheese, in particular, is a speciality of the province of Brescia: the ‘Bionda’ and ‘Camosciata’ breeds, in particular, give us inimitable and much appreciated goats’ cheeses.
Remaining in the Lake Idro area, near Bagolino, in addition to the pure and uncontaminated air, you can find Bagoss, a cheese known since 1500, also a Slowfood presidium and widely used in cooking and traditional recipes.

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