The cheeses of Tremosine

Formagella di Tremosine:

This is the most typical and well-known of the Tremosine cheeses, with its fragrant flavour and delicate scent of mountain meadow essences. Made from freshly milked cow’s milk from the farms of the Tremosine plateau. Soft, compact paste with slight eye formation.

Latte Crudo:

The characteristic of this cheese is linked to the particular processing technique that has remained unchanged over time, which includes a fundamental quality requirement: the use of freshly milked, unpasteurised milk, hence the name raw milk.

This process preserves the scent of pasture that each milk “enhances” within itself. Raw milk cheese evolves during fermentation thanks to the action of the original bacterial flora, which the animals collect from the land and transfer to the milk.

Garda Riserva:

Garda Riserva is a special selection of the best Garda cheeses, carefully chosen by the cheesemakers. It is produced with skimmed milk from the Bruna Alpina breed of cattle raised exclusively on the Alpe del Garda farm. The Riserva selection has a minimum age of 24 months but can reach even higher ages. The seasoning increases incredibly the power of the flavours that this cheese can give at every taste.

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