Olive oil: The Garda’s green gold

The special microclimate, a Mediterranean oasis nestled between the Dolomites and the breezes of the Alto Garda area, which mitigate the rigours of the Alps, have made it possible to grow olive trees in this area to produce extra virgin and organic olive oils of unique quality.
The Extra virgin oil (E.v.o) is suitable both for hot preparations, including fried dishes (due to its high smoke point) and for cold preparations (mayonnaise and other sauces) and dressings with enormous possibilities of combinations. It is at its best with fish from the lake.
Extra virgin olive oil is considered particularly important in the Mediterranean diet because it is cholesterol-free and has low levels of saturated fatty acids, which are linked to cardiovascular risk. We get fat because we eat too much fat and bad quality fat. Extra virgin oil therefore plays a valuable role in our diet by helping us to consume the right amount of fat with a balanced caloric intake.
The people of Lake Garda have been cultivating olive trees since Roman times and writers such as Catullus, D’Annunzio, Goethe and Carducci tell of their presence. In Alto Garda, the type Casaliva, Frantoio and Gargnà are commonly grown.
The extra virgin olive oil produced on Lake Garda is a highly prized oil, light and fruity, rich in polyphenols, savoury and harmonious. The well-balanced notes of fruity tones of light to medium intensity reminiscent of fresh grass, artichoke, hay, aromatic herbs and thistle give the oil its special, delicate characteristics that blend into a smooth taste, with perceivable bitter and spicy notes in the throat, accompanied by a typical almond aftertaste.

The colour is greenish-gold, between intense and marked.
The aroma is delicate, slightly fruity, with a taste of artichoke. Extra-virgin olive oil not only adds flavour and aroma to food, but also brings out the flavour of the ingredients. These visual, olfactory and taste sensations are an integral part of the Alto Garda environment and its cultural history. Oils flavoured with citrus fruits from Alto Garda are also very popular.

The e.v. olive oil represents the point of synthesis between science and gastronomy of a rational, pleasant and respectful of traditions diet.

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