Balconies over the Lake

In this part of the lake, the picturesque old villages of the hinterland are almost always situated on wide plateaus, unique terraces overlooking views of unspeakable beauty.
You can discover the charm of the villages of Gardola, Oldesio, Aer, Olzano, Prabione and Piovere, the six hamlets that make up Tignale, as well as the seventeen that make up Tremosine: all ancient villages suspended between the lake and the sky that offer guests an perfect welcome.
Wilder and less populated landscapes welcome visitors to Montegargnano, Navazzo and Valvestino, as well as those who venture to Gaino and Mount Pizzocolo: an even closer contact with nature from which one cannot fail to come away regenerated.
The climate of the plateaus is mild in winter, thanks to the benign influence of the lake, and never sultry in summer: a gentle breeze blows to refresh your face even in the hot season, while you admire the marvelous views, walk through the meadows, cross wonderful woods of hornbeam and oak and climb up to the beech forests.

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