Montegargnano and Navazzo, access to Valvestino

The hinterland of Gargnano is mountainous and almost entirely covered in woodland, while the hills are home to many small villages that are well worth a visit.
Driving up above Gargnano, along the road that starts at the traffic lights at the church, and then continuing on foot along a rather challenging path, you can reach the Hermitage of San Valentino (772 m), which offers a stupendous view of the entire Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains.
If you take the main road leading to Navazzo and then to Valvestino, secondary roads branch off to the right, allowing you to reach the small villages scattered over the hillside: Musaga, Sasso with its chestnut woods, the meadows of Liano and Formaga with its beautiful 17th century church dedicated to St Rocco and, immediately afterwards, the characteristic fountains, still in working order, used in the past as public wash houses.
Further on after Formaga, on the right, you reach the Rifugio Alpino di Briano, an ideal place for mushroom hunters, while on the left you climb up to Bocca Magno and the isolated Costa valley populated by small villages and scattered farmsteads.
Once you arrive at Costa, you can continue on foot, following the route of the five villages among crosses, shrines and fountains. Moreover, in Costa, during the period of the great festivals, it is possible to attend the concert of the bells: five bells and as many ringers that make melodies resound that can be heard all over the valley.
Continuing along the main road you will reach Navazzo, and then continue towards the Valvestino dam and its magnificent valley.

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