The Ancient Communication Routes

Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the only communication routes linking the Upper Garda to the rest of the territory were mule tracks, used to move goods and pilgrims on their way to Rome.

The network of small roads and paths that connected the hinterland are now united in the Bassa Via del Garda  (BVG Trail – The lower road of Garda Lake), a fascinating pedestrian route that connects Salò to Limone. 

The first carriage roads were then built to connect the villages on the plateaus with their ports: thanks to the particular conformation of the land, the result was roads of great scenic and infrastructural value. Travelling along them slowly, perhaps starting from the lakeside and penetrating through the various gorges, allows you to fully experience the uniqueness of this territory.

You can reach enchanting natural places, but also typical restaurants, small traditional wine cellars, dairies, oil mills: a pleasant surprise awaits you after each bend.

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