The amphitheater of Tignale and its breathtaking views

Gardola, the main town, and five hamlets scattered across the plateau, Piovere, Oldesio, Olzano, Aer and Prabione, make up the municipality of Tignale, in the heart of the Alto Garda Natural park.
With its feet on the lake, progressively climbing the hills and then the high mountains, the territory of Tignale extends up to an altitude of 1,976 metres: a few kilometres that host very diverse environments and landscapes in a unique combination of beauty and usability.
The Mediterranean scrub triumphs along the rocky walls that branch off the lake, with its unmistakable scents of holm oak, laurel and rosemary: a real surprise at these latitudes. The characteristic terraces facing the lake are dominated by perfectly tended olive groves from which a precious organic oil is produced. Further uphill, you come across meadows and woods of pine, ash, chestnut, hornbeam, downy oak and beech, until you reach the pastures and pines of the high mountains.
With its spectacular views of the lake, it is a unique environment that offers many opportunities for outdoor activities: hiking along the countless paths for more or less experienced hikers, mountain-bike and e-bike routes and, finally, scenic roads for those who prefer motorbikes or cars.
Tignale also offers countless interesting opportunities for those wishing to enjoy a cultural holiday: from the not-to-be-missed visit to the Sanctuary of Montecastello, a destination for thousands of tourists every year due to its artistic and scenic value, to guided tours of the Organic Oil Mill and the Bettanini Distillery, with its ancient still where Rugiada delle Alpi grappa is produced, to exhibitions and gastronomic and cultural events organised by local associations and other protagonists of Tignale’s social life.
Visiting the villages of Tignale, all well connected to each other also with pedestrian paths, will be a pleasant surprise: narrow alleys, perfectly restored ancient houses, sudden colorful views make the tour pleasant and never boring.
There is also no lack of fine restaurants where you can enjoy traditional or innovative dishes, in a context of great attention to the quality of the raw materials and the needs of guests.
There are also fine restaurants where you can enjoy traditional or innovative dishes, in a context of great attention to the quality of the raw material and to the needs of guests.
As guests often say, a few days are not enough to fully enjoy its beauty!

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