The port of Tignale and the Pra de la Fam

The vast greenhouse, located by the lake, upstream of the Gardesana road, between the rocks overlooking the expanse of water is of considerable landscape-architectural interest. The limonaia is the first example of a museum built by the Mountain Community of Alto Garda Bresciano in 1985 with the restoration of the three lower terraces of the Giardino Nuovo. At the Pra del fam there are 88 citrus plants (in the majority lemons, but also bitter and sweet oranges, cedars, grapefruits, clementines, tangerines and bergamots).

You will have the opportunity to enter this garden among wonderful plants in a singular structure, tangible sign of a past in which the cultivation of lemons was of crucial importance for the economy of Lake Garda.

The dispassionate advice is to discover these magnificent places in the company of a tour guide who tells you history and curiosities, along a stretch of coast (on foot or, better by boat) in search of the remains of other lemon groves
In some cases the lemon groves may not be easily visible from the ground because they are hidden in the gardens of luxury villas or resorts. A boat trip can certainly make you discover hidden lemon groves or in inaccessible places and it is very fascinating to discover the transformations they have undergone over time.

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