The Gulf of Toscolano Maderno,

city of paper mills

Over the two Villages of Toscolano and Maderno, the territory is dominated by the peaks of Mount Pizzocolo (m. 1582) and Mount Castello di Gaìno (m.866), from which you can enjoy incomparable views.
The climate, particularly mild even in winter, let you enjoy an ideal holiday. In the lake area there have been numerous campsites and hotel establishments, able to meet the most diverse needs: in the hamlets there are trattorias and characteristic places where you can taste local dishes. A huge network of roads and paths allows excursions, walks on foot, on horseback or by mountain-bike in the vast hinterland.
The industrial origins of Toscolano Maderno date back to 1300 in the locality “Camerate” where the first paper factory was built. A notarial document dated October 17, 1381 established the rules to share the waters of the river. Is documented that there were many factories located here since the fifteenth century. From the lake side up to of the so-called Valley of the paper mills, the area had primary importance among the territories of the Republic of Venice until the sixteenth century. The municipalities of Toscolano and Maderno became a primary paper district thanks to the excellent quality of the paper produced, very clear, resistant and suitable for printing. Toscolano and Maderno were among the first and most important places of production in Europe.

Maderno, is an appreciated tourist resort thanks to the beautiful landscapes offered by the lakefront. Many call it the best glimpse of Garda for the water that surrounds both villages.

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