The old port and the lakefront of Limone

Limone is one of the most popular tourist resorts of the lake Garda west coast (province o Brescia), famous for its “limonaie” (lemon groves ancient structures), its precious olive oil and for the longevity of some of its inhabitants.
The name of Limone reminds all the tourists of the picturesque town of lemon fruits: the city guide states that this is, together with the nearby lake of Toblino among the northernmost places where these fruits grow.
However, although lemons actually grow there, this is not the origin of the name. Local tradition has it instead derived from “līmen”, border, with reference to the border between Brescia Province and the jurisdiction of the bishop of Trento.

The thousand inhabitants live in just over a square kilometre of territory to which are added impervious valleys, woods and rocks overlooking the water: a scenario of true enchantment.

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