Social life and shopping in Salò

Lying on an enchanting gulf at the foot of Mount S. Bartolomeo, Salò is the “capital” of the Alto Garda Bresciano. The historic center, between Piazza Carmine, the “Fossa” and the lakefront, is a dense succession of streets, alleys and squares with stately homes, elegant shops, restaurants and bars.
The hamlets of the Municipality offer many opportunities for trips and walks. Sport fishing, surfing, rowing, sailing, tennis can be practiced with ease; there are public facilities for swimming, football, volleyball, basketball and bowls, private gyms also for the practice of dance, gymnastics, fencing, judo, etc. The geographical position of Salò, between the Valtenesi, the Valle Sabbia and the Alto Garda, is particularly favourable.
Not to be missed, during your weekend in Salò, a bit of shopping at the famous market held on Saturday mornings.
The “Palazzo della Magnifica Patria” and the “Palazzo del Podestà”, in the area of the pier, today home to the municipal offices, are witness the history of the city. Under the portico connecting the two palaces, you can admire the frescoes by Angelo Landi and the ancient coats of arms.
On the lakefront also stands the Duomo, enriched over the centuries by important artworks, and its square that in July comes alive with the classical music concerts of the Musical Summer.

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