The Lugana wine is produced in the lower Garda area, on a particular very clayey soil, a remnant of the last glaciations.
The basic version of Lugana is designed to be the vintage wine, “il novello” that is drunk just a few months after the last harvest.
While almost all the basic Lugana wines enhance freshness and immediacy, the Lugana superiore has the qualities of a great white wine that is soft, mineral, citrusy and persistent; it is excellent with appetizers, with pizza and lake fish, and can also be paired with pasta dishes with elaborate sauces.
The Lugana riserva is instead “creamy”, with clear memories of toasting and a savory finish; excellent with grilled cheese.

The Lugana spumante “charmat method” is also definitely appreciable, simple but very pleasant and suitable with aperitif, while the best “classic method” versions often have nothing to envy to other more noble sparkling wines.

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