Lower eastern Garda

Soave is one of the most refined and famous Italian white wines. It has now become an icon and today the winemakers in the hills around the commune of Soave, just east of Verona, produce white wines based on Garganega and Trebbiano from Soave with awareness and care, preferring wines with character, intense and decisive because Garganega is a sumptuous wine, but above all, grant a unique link with the terroir of Soave. The soils of this area have a very ancient origin, a mixture of volcanic layers of tuff and limestone.

The soils of this area have a very ancient origin, a mixture of volcanic layers of tuff and limestone.
From an organoleptic point of view, it has a delicate, straw-yellow colour; the aroma is intense and delicate and the flavour is dry, medium-bodied, harmonious, slightly bitter and satisfying, not addictive. The Strada del Vino Soave was created with the aim of offering a complete package of proposals and services for those who love wine tourism, culture and art.

Bardolino is an easy-drinking, very pleasant red wine that finds its home on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The vines used are the same as those of Valpolicella. Bardolino Chiaretto is an irresistible rosé for the delicacy of its fragrances reminiscent of wild strawberries, berries and grapefruit and for its intriguing sapidity. If you are looking for a rosé wine as aperitif or to accompany fish dishes or white meats, it is the one for you
Custoza is a white wine originating from Sommacampagna (VR). It has a straw-yellow colour, a fruity, fragrant, slightly aromatic aroma and a soft, delicate flavour. It is ideal with delicate-tasting first courses, with fish or with a vegetarian sauce.
Garda Colli Mantovani is produced in the area near Lake Garda in the province of Mantua and includes the three types of wine: the Bianco which catches the eye with a very bright straw colour while the nose offers floral scents that introduce peach, apple and apricot and a dense minerality; in the mouth it is fresh, sapid, with nuances of aromatic herbs and balsamic. The Rosso has a ruby red colour tending towards cherry with ageing; the bouquet is full, rich in ripe fruit and crossed by a mineral note; in the mouth it is round, balanced and with fine tannins. The Rosato has a beautiful bright colour; the bouquet is delicate and fruity and recalls citrus fruits with a prevalence of citron; on the palate it is soft and fresh with notes of almonds.

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