The Vallagarina

Situated to the east of Lake Garda, behind Monte Baldo, Vallagarina lies on the route along which illustrious travellers began their great voyage of discovery down the Brenner Pass to Italy in the 18th century.

Here you can appreciate historic vines, which are attractive temptations to discover unique gastronomic combinations.

Marzemino is a splendid, lively wine that doesn’t hide and doesn’t need complex ageing, with an enveloping bouquet of red fruits, plums and dried flowers. The acidity is tickling, the structure slender but firm, with peaks of minerality and very delicate tannins. It is not a wine to be left in the cellar for 10 years, but it offers finesse, graceful aromas and great drinkability, so much so that Mozart himself praises it in Don Giovanni: “Let the excellent Marzemino be poured!”

The Cabernet, deep ruby red, has intense and complex aromas of red and black berry fruit with elegant spicy nuances. It opens in fact on fruity scents to then enrich itself with notes of wood, humus and tobacco.

Created from crosses of Rhine Riesling and Madeleine Royale by Swiss oenologist Hermann Müller, Müller Thurgau has an intense, aromatic and fruity bouquet and a fresh, full taste with a pleasantly aromatic aftertaste. In particular, the aroma of this wine evokes notes of peach and floral hints of musk rose.

The Moscato Giallo, a grape variety of Syrian origin imported by Venetian merchants from Greece, gives a wine with a light straw-yellow and golden colour. Its aroma is delicate with delicate scents of nutmeg and essence of grapefruit and cedar. The taste of Yellow Muscat in the mouth is aromatic, fragrant and intensely fresh with a slight tanginess and a persistent aroma. It is a perfect accompaniment to dry pastries, such as “cantucci” or almond biscuits, or with red fruit desserts and fresh fruit tarts. It is also an excellent accompaniment to flavoursome hard cheeses.

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