The Valley of the Lakes

In the Valley of the Lakes, a splendid basin dotted with eight wonderful alpine lakes, nestled between Trento, the Sarca Valley, the Brenta Dolomites and the lake Garda, you will find the Nosiola, mainly vinified as a dry white wine, with delicate aromas and slight nuances of white flowers and unripe fruit. with delicate aromas and slight nuances of white flowers and unripe fruit.
Excellent as aperitif, agreeable with lake fish dishes such as breaded perch or steamed trout, unsmoked cold cuts, zucchini or squash flowers.

After a late harvesting of this grape, the bunches, arranged in the barns on racks (aréle), lose water thanks to the north wind. Shortly after the start of drying the grapes will be attacked by the noble mold, the “botrytis cinerea”, which will favor the drying. During the Holy Week the grapes are pressed and with the little “juice” left in the berries and a fine raisin wine for meditation is produced, a Slow-Food presidium, but above all, an extraordinary wine for after meals, a specialty not to be missed that will make you dream.
Not to be forgotten is the Schiava, a typical local wine of Valle dei Laghi, rosé, drinkable, fresh, pleasant and suitable to accompany white meats, first courses, fish and cold cuts, and the Cabernet Fuggè, a red wine with an intense bouquet, full-bodied, warm and aromatic; it can age for a long time and is suitable for important meat dishes and hard cheeses.

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