High mountain pastures, mountain farms

and nature of Valvestino

The Valvestino represents the innermost and wildest part of the Alto Garda Nature Park that winds along the Toscolano river, starting from a narrow artificial lake formed by the dam that collects the waters of the river.

The green meadows and unspoiled woods are the ideal natural habitat for small and large variety of alpine fauna and vegetal species that, due to their rarity, make this territory unique also from a botanical point of view: the scent of milk is accompanied by that of the flowers of the slopes of Monte Tombea and Monte Caplone.

The landscape is dotted with small rural settlements where time seems to have stopped and where life flows according to the rhythms of the ancient times.

It is the perfect destination for those seeking contact with unspoiled nature and ancient traditions: the very stories of men, traditions, crafts and products of the Garda hinterland. The interweaving of these features is immediately perceived by those who visit the territory of Magasa, looking at the small village clinging to a steep slope and on the extensive pastures of the plateau of “Cima Rest”, where the typical local cheeses are produced, among which the most representative “Tombea” stands out.

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