Canyons, waterfalls and other wonders

The particular conformation of the territory offers many canyons, narrow and deep gorges, embedded in the rock, the result of water erosion by torrents. In the most famous, the Forra di Tremosine, the result of the work of the Brasa torrent, a road has been created that can be travelled perfectly by car and which is defined by many as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

The rocky landscape make available the spectacle of the waterfalls in which the water jumps from the steep mountains walls. There are many in the Upper Garda area, from the Sopino waterfall near Limone del Garda, with its 15-metre drop, to the Piovere waterfall in Tignale and the Campione waterfall, where you can swim. These are only the best known and easiest to reach, but there are many small waterfalls that can be found along the various routes and that enchant both adults and children.

For those who do not suffer from vertigo, we suggest a short walk in the village of Pieve di Tremosine, to look out from the terrace of the thrill: a vertical wall overlooking the lake that flows hundreds of metres below!

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